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By: herbzinser | June 10, 2014

Concept Paper CP-076 by Herb Zinser on the periodic atomic table expressions of life and thought

Characteristic and Mantissa in Logarithm - math-for-all-grades

www.math-for-all-grades.com/ Characteristic and Mantissa .html
Every Logarithm has two parts Characteristic and Mantissa , where the Whole part is called Characteristic and the Decimal part is called Mantissa .

Find the characteristic and mantissa of log 361.78? - Yahoo Answers

Jul 24, 2008 - log 361.78 is about 2.5584 so its characteristic is 2 and its mantissa is .5584. Rate ... Logarithm Problem ..

Thus we see that the University of  Man + chester  involves  bio-logarithm human life forms

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